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Watercolor Painters
This index and gallery are constructed from the information submitted by artists who register with Digital Consciousness, and from the comments of the Digital Color jury. Digital Consciousness maintains biographical information about these artists in a public database and creates web pages for them that generally includes an image or sample of their artwork.

The artists are listed in alphabetical order.
Peter H. Eoyang Eoyang Hsun (1923-2003) was born in Shanghai as the first of four children of Eoyang Keh. He received his Christian name, Peter, and his artistic name, Yin Ye in China in the mid 1930s. Eoyang Yin Ye appears on many of his works as applied by a seal.

In 1937 he came to the United States with his mother, his brother and his two sisters. He married in 1959. He received a Civil Engineering degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1962, and worked as an engnieer for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.

It was not until 1972, after Peter returned to Colorado and settled in Golden that he began to paint. He was a success, quickly completing White Beauty and other masterpieces. In 1983, Peter moved to Eugene, Oregon, and in 1993 to Avalon California, continuing to paint watercolors at both places.
Nancy Fortunato Nancy Fortunato has won over 75 awards for her paintings and is an elected signature member of over 21 National Art Associations. She is listed in Who's Who of American Art; Who's Who of American Women; Who's Who in the Midwest; and Who's Who in the World.
Peter Hager Peter Hager is a swedish artist. He lives in Mora. He is educated at graphic art, and computer art. Peter Hagers paintings are made in a realistic style. The paintings usually pictures landscapes and animals. Mostly he uses watercolor and acrylic paint.
Fabiana Kofman Fabina was born in Argentinia in 1965. She is a resident of Buenos Aires and a autodidactic artist. Her media are acrylics, watercolors, and digital art in PC. Her favourites themes are the dolphins, Greece, maidens, interiors, romantic scenes, mystic, fantasy, angels, and feminine visions of the world.
Michael Moreth Bensenville (Chicago), USA. Numerous solo and group photorgaphy and art exhibitions. Critically acclaimed.
German hernandez Navarro Nació en México, Distrito Federal, el 6 de enero de 1948; radica actualmente en la misma ciudad. Ganarse un nombre dentro del mundo de la acuarela y el pasaje, largos y difíciles años de continuo aprendizaje le han costado al maestro Hernández.
Solaimon Olumee Solaimon Olumee was born in Kabul, Afghanistan in 1973. As a young child, he had the opportunity to travel abroad with his family and was exposed to many different cultures and people. He took a fascination with art at a young age of six, and has always had a passion to express himself through art and other media.
Ray Ottulich Primarily self taught, he is the son of a commercial watercolorist. He has been named one of the top 50 artists in the Pacific Northwest. He was an Award winner of NorthWest Juried Art. His works are acrylics on canvas, landscape noir, surreal, deamscapes and 3d models.
Gary Sauder Wildlife art, portraits and figures, as well as some sports art.
Steve Skinner Steve has lived and worked most of his life in Northern Illinois and Chicago. He graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he studied oil painting, drawing, and printmaking. For the last twelve years he has concentrated on watercolor painting which was difficult for him until he began painting local architectural structures such as bridges and roadways.
Lainie Smith Lainie Smith lives in Central Missouri, USA and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Graphic Design. She mostly depicts florals and landscapes in colored pencil/watercolor pencil.
Henry Yuen Henry Yuen is mostly self taught. Works from pencil sketches made on location. His most popular subject is nudists, showing people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and ethnic backgrounds at clothes optional sites and resorts accepting each other for however God made them.
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