Digital Consciousness Permanent Gallery
This index and gallery are constructed from the information submitted by sculptors who register with Digital Consciousness, and from the comments of the Digital Color jury. Digital Consciousness maintains biographical information about these artists in a public database and creates web pages for them that generally includes an image or sample of their artwork.
The sculptors are listed in an order set by the editors.
Laura Knight Handcut steel into many shapes and etched for catching the light. Arranged into layers to create metal wall art in a Sculptural Relief style. The pieces are welded into place and some steel is specially coated with steel dyes or heat. Designs are made with handbent steel rods for lyrical shapes. The finish is a professional grade clear coat to enhance color and protect the surface of the metal.
Britt Vanderlei Britt has a sudio in central California. He creates very realistic bronze sculptures of lizards on rocks.
Michael Millevolte Studied kinetic art at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Influences include: Maholy-Nagy, Calder, Mondrian, Kandinsky, Tanguely and Takis. In the past 12 years The artist has created hundreds of one of a kind kinetic sculptures assembled from discarded cassette players, VCR parts, TVs, radios and various fans.
Paul Sable Paul creates large scale acrylic mobiles for corporate, public and private spaces. His work is playful, colorful, balanced, kinetic, translucent or transparent and fun. He also creates light sculpture, also kinetic and on any scale, from lamp size to monumental.

Born 1945, N.Y.; HS Music and Art, NY; Antioch College, OH; Hunter College, NY; Ecole des Beaux Arts, Montpellier, France; Extensive Travel: Europe, North Africa, Mexico; Far East; currently living in Santa Cruz, CA Medium: Acrylic Sheets, Rods, Steel, Nylon.

  • Reed Gallery, Carmel
  • Joy Horwich, Chicago
  • JEGA Gallery, Ashland, OR
  • also San Francisco; Palm Springs; New York; L.A.
Maitre Andre Swiss sculptor.
Scott Condell Stone and Bronze Sculpture. Paintings and Sculpture by well known New York Contemporary Fine Arts Painter Sculptor Scott Condell. (1950- ) Subjects: stilllifes, architectual. Style: expressionistic, impressionist, abstract and neoclassic.
Jesper Eriksson As of March 2000, Jesper is 30 years old. He has several exhibitions and has some coming exhibitions in the near future. He has had 2 years of art school in Sweden.
Marion Griffith I am a face and bodypainter in Houston Texas.Originaly from Trier Germany. I am a fun loving,outgoing and very down to earth kind of person who has just recently discovered she has a talent and a huge LOVE for painting on skin.It started out with just simple cheek art at childrens b-day parties, company picnics, etc. One year ago I discovered the wonderful world of full-face painting and its endless possibilities.
Yuko Takada Keller Born in Osaka 1958. Graduate of Kyoto Arts University. Has since then been doing her work. 3-dimensional paper works, made from tracing paper.
Matt Lucas Over the years I've worked in just about every medium; Pencil, paint, colored pencil, clay, wood, stone, metal, glass ... even sculpted a motorcycle out of vacuum cleaner parts for a friend. Sculpture is my real artistic passion. I think in three dimensions (sometimes four, but that's another story), so sculpting just comes natural to me.
Nelson J. Nichols Though a painter and graphics artist throughout his life the past 17 years have been devoted primarily to sculpture. His sculptural body of work, executed in stone, bronze, and wood encompasses: anatomical/figurative pieces in classical realism; a series of abstract interpretations; a series entitled "Life - A Sculptural Interpretation" illustrating universal/spiritual concepts in his own unique style he calls "Spiritual Expressionism"; and environmentally inspired series, including sculptures of endangered species, often incorporating human parental values in the composition.
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