Digital Consciousness Permanent Gallery
This index and gallery are constructed from the information submitted by photographers who register with Digital Consciousness, and from the comments of the Digital Color jury. Digital Consciousness maintains biographical information about these artists in a public database and creates web pages for them that generally includes an image or sample of their artwork.
The photographers are listed in alphabetical order.
John A. Benigno A portfolio of fine art, black and white photography.
Adam Butler Born in 1965 in Edinburgh, Adam Butler studied at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London. His photographs have been awarded important prizes, and are in the collections of numerous collectors throughout Europe and the US. A book of his photographs of the Mediterranean island of Panarea was published in 1998. He runs a gallery of his work in central London, and his photographs are represented by the Special Photographers Gallery in London and in several on-line galleries.
Joseph DiSipio Joseph is self taught, shooting only black and white. His forte is the nude although his true love is the abstract. Anything with an abstract quality to it appeals to his photographic eye. Aaron Siskind, Minor White among others are his mentors for the abstract. He also shoots plants and trees, coming in close to create abstract images.
Glen Etzkorn Apprentice to the father of colored OP Art during the optic battles of the mid-sixties, and the discoverer of the double or reverse after-image system.
RENATA RATAJCZYK Renata's style is very painterly, imaginative, often surrealistic frequently combining photography, painting and digital manipulations. Many of her images have a dream like quality merging reality with the fantasy world.
Brad Scoby Brad is a native Alaskan. He was three when his family relocated to Santa Barbara, California. He presently resides in Ventura. Brad is a lifelong photographer and an artist representative, promoter and producer. He takes still pictures and video tape and shoots film. Among the subjects he likes are models and aspiring models in both outdoor and interior settings.
Peter E Tanner Born in Vancouver BC Canada 1956
  • Mid 70's show artist Big J Amusements, Mohawk Amusements.
  • Professional Photographer/photojournalist 1985-92
  • Laser Artist (Vancouver Planetarium) 1993 - 1998
  • computer art, 3d animation, digital stills, digital video - 1997 to date
Jonathan White The Colors of the Urban Landscape, a collection of colored images of city scenes, both conventional photographs, and digital special-effects images.
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