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This index and gallery are constructed from the information submitted by oil painters who register with Digital Consciousness, and from the comments of the Digital Color jury. Digital Consciousness maintains biographical information about these artists in a public database and creates web pages for them that generally includes an image or sample of their artwork.
The artists are listed in alphabetical order.
Wolfgang Oehry Wolfgang Oehry was born and raised in Europe. Liechtenstein, Switzerland and France, to be specific. He paints realistic oil portraits and characters, not limited to a certain genre.
David Romero Barranco Born in Reus, Spain, in 1974. Oil on canvas and designs.
Richard Baumgart Born in New York City 1946. Studied art for 5 years at Norman Raebin School of Art, Carnegie Hall, New York City. Studied art for 1 year in Pont-Aven, France. Been a painter for 28 years. Currently lives and works in New Hampshire.
Alec Joseph Becker Born Vancouver, B.C. jan. l931 attended vancouver school of art and also U. of British Columbia for law degree in l958. Left law in l993 to resume full time art studies. Landscapes of the pacific northwest.
Wulf Peter Bestmann Ever since he was born in 1961, Wulf Peter liked to draw and paint with pencil & Watercolors.
Maibrit Bo Maibrit was born in 1957 and grow up in the old part of Skagen in Denmark. In the perfect idyllic surroundings with the famous light, that in generations have attract artists of all kind, Maibrit Bo already in her childhood years conceived a large interest in painting and sketch. She paints through her thoughts and emotions. With the big soft strokes she opens up for the dramatic scenario on the canvas. With the always positive philosophy of life, her pictures are filled with joy for and belief in life.
Carlos Camus From Chile. When Carlos was a boy his dream was to be one of the best painters, Estudy Arquitecture, and then have his own Atelier.
Scott Condell Stone and Bronze Sculpture. Paintings and Sculpture by well known New York Contemporary Fine Arts Painter Sculptor Scott Condell. (1950- ) Subjects: stilllifes, architectual. Style: expressionistic, impressionist, abstract and neoclassic.
Robert R. Cobb Robert R. Cobb is a recently retired high school art teacher, culminating 35 years of teaching experience with Maine Township High School District #207 in Park Ridge and Des Plaines, Illinois
Philippe Coriat Philippe Coriat, born in Algeria in 1961. Coriat’s never-ending amazement leads him to artistic expression as a necessity. Nature in all its manifestations - animal, vegetal, mineral, space - from quarks to quasars, myths and legends, symbolism and spirituality, are for him, multi-faceted revelators of the mysteries of creation.
Charles Davis Charles Davis is a painter and printmaker living in Memphis, Tennessee. He holds a MFA degree in painting from the University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida, 1975, and a BFA Degree in Painting and Printmaking from the Kansas City Art Institute in Kansas City, Missouri, 1971.
Angela Di Marco-Olguin Painter and photographer. Exhibited in many gallerys in Melbourne Australia.
DG Dodia & DMLT(Bombay). An Arist for the last five years.
Dominique Faivre French Artist now residing in Canada. Original oil paintings.
RONI GOLAN Using oil and water base paint and than fire, makes this incredible intense painting. Texture that looks like a low relief adds another dimention to the work.
Sunil Govind Self taught multimedia artist. Mixed media works.
Cecil Herring Award winning painter. Exhibited widely in Florida. Active lecturer and juror.
Bernadette Hurley   Bernadette Hurley's art career has taken her from New York to Ireland to Florida to Italy. Her education in and use of the techniques of the Renaissance masters has spanned 35 years.
Nathan David James   Lives in Toronto Ontario Canada. Attending the Ontario College of Art and Design. Neo-cubism.
Francine Kohn   Born in Detroit, Michigan, Francine has been a painter since 1977. She studied for 4 years with Art Holman, color-field painter & student of Hans Hofmann. Today, she continues her many years of independent study in metaphysics and painting. She is deeply dedicated to increasing the access of the spirit in art to all.
Fabiana Kofman   Fabina was born in Argentinia in 1965. She is a resident of Buenos Aires and a autodidactic artist. Her media are acrylics, watercolors, and digital art in PC. Her favourites themes are the dolphins, Greece, maidens, interiors, romantic scenes, mystic, fantasy, angels, and feminine visions of the world.
Shuchi Krishan   Oil paintings of ancient Indian architecture and of the Indian woman. Also of ancient architecture of India and the world. Shuchi has won various awards at school and college in art competitions.
Irina Kupyrova   Irina Kupyrova was born in 1961 in Kiev. From 1976 to 1980 she studied at the College of Fine Arts and Design, then was enrolled at the Painting Faculty of the Kiev State Academy of Fine Arts. At that period the painter took part in several art exhibitions. She graduated from the Academy in 1989 and had her personal exhibition in Cologne (Germany) in 1990. Since 1994 Irina has regularly participated in art exhibitions in Prague.
Alex Levin   Born in 1975, Kiev, Ukraine. At the age of 6 started painting and at the age of 12 entered the Art Academy. Immigrated to Israel in 1990. Participated in many exhibits. Since 1992 has been studying with Prof. Elron Baruch Chairman of Israel Artist Association). The majority of the paintings are displayed in private exhibits of Israel, Belgium, USA, Australia and Russia. The main painting styles are Surrealism and Realism.
Curtis R. Lindsey   Born: Eastern Tennessee. Educated: Tennessee Technological Universtiy. Accomplishments: Work shown in: MAC21 International Art Exposition, Malaga, Spain - 2000; Tennessee Collegiate Drawing Competition 1997-1999; Several invitational shows in the Middle Tennessee area. 1997-2000; Given several minor awards for art on the internet, and web design.
Hannes Margreiter   Born 1954 in Austria,living in Vienna, Academy of Fine Arts, his artwork is published since 1980, Stamp Design for Austria and UN Postal Administration.
Marianne Molgard   Drawing and painting have always followed my life, some periods more, some less. Portraiture is my passion. Over the years I have worked in oils, acrylics, watercolors, and done drawings and charcoal drawings.
Michael Moreth   Bensenville (Chicago), USA. Numerous solo and group photorgaphy and art exhibitions. Critically acclaimed.
German hernandez Navarro   Nació en México, Distrito Federal, el 6 de enero de 1948; radica actualmente en la misma ciudad. Ganarse un nombre dentro del mundo de la acuarela y el pasaje, largos y difíciles años de continuo aprendizaje le han costado al maestro Hernández.
Esther Nienaber   Born in Zambia, has been painting all her life. Works full-time but paints at every opportunity. Studied for BA in Fine Arts at U.N.I.S.A. Works have appeared in various galleries including Gold Coast Arts Council, Sanctuary Cove, Currumbin and Broadbeach, Gold Coast - Australia
Angela Olguin   27 years old, artists for 10 years, studied at the VCA in Australia. Exhibited in many local galleries, Mixture of paintings, drawings, prints and photography.
Britt Olofsson   Swedish artist Britt I. Olofsson (BIO). After studies at the University of Gothenburg resulting in a degree of P.R. she started worlking , as a photographer in Gothenburg. In 1989 she moved to Cyprus, and started her own company. BIO.ART.   A collaboration of Michael Denton and Anna McCrickard. Michael's paintings are influenced by his electronic work and employ a mixture of pigments and mediums, chance and controlled chaos to create tranquil but powerful friezes in oil. Manipulating video stills leads to increasingly abstracted and complex digital prints.

Anna's images are recognisable enough to engage and ambiguous enough to sustain our interest. Using visual opportunism and illusions of scale, she fabricates imagined and serene land and seascapes, finding coppice woods in carpets.

Delorme Patrick   French Visionary painter. He works with his vision on celestrial pictures.
Giacomo Piccoli   Painter and Sculptor, President of Art Gallery in Rome Italy, for international artists.
Gordon Pynn   Canadian artist. Operates a sanctuary for injured and orphaned wildlife and at the same time a gallery in Northern Ontario. His art was chosen by Robert Bateman to go on a U.S. tour of wildlife artists and also hangs in the University of Bejing, China as a gift to China from Canada. Lives and paints on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
Tony Quach   Integration of architecture & CG art.
Greg Ratajik   The display of emotion through oil.
Oscar Sanz   Spanish, 21. Contemporary painting.
SEDAS   Born in 1974, I have been busy with art for almost my whole life. Recently I have started a course in oil painting at the Royal Academy of Art in Antwerp, Belgium.
S. S. Shankar   In the last thirty years S. S. Shankar has created over 7,000 paintings. His works represent the path of the spiritual aspirant and his exploration of the divine through art. This journey has taken him from New York, where he studied with Phillip Guston and Alex Katz, to India, where he sought the teachings exemplified by his Sat Guru, Neem Karoli Baba.
Dianna Simms   Studied art at WV State College, member of Allied Artists of WV and Tri-State Arts Association and WV Writers. Currently has work in the WV Juried Show at the Cultural Center in Chas., WV.
Yola Soriano   Fine oil, acrlyic, charcoal, mixed media artwork by a remarkable latin artist.
Trevell Southall   Black artist for 20 years. Black art. Expressed culture, & personal experiences.
Hugo Velazquez   Oil on canvus. Applied with a a brush or knife. Many works were created in Italy. Hugo has works on display at the Lankershim Arts Center, and is a member of the NoHo Artists Union.
Gudrun Weerasinghe   German artist Gudrun Weerasinghe studied at the university of Essen in 1974 -- 1979 (first and second degree in arts and design). For a long time she lived in Liberia and in Sri Lanka. In the coming years Gudrun Weerasinghe developed the style and the term of ARTHEALING, which she also calls Applied, Ethical Design of Consciousness.
Sharon Wallace   Sharon was born in Stilwell, OK., grew up in Northern CA. and now resides in SE Tennessee. She is self taught and started late in life, first with digital art done with a mouse and has recently tried her hand at pencil sketching. Her site features landscapes and nature.
Andrew Wurster   Born 1978 Chicago. Currently Residing: Melbourne Australia. Currently Exhibiting in Melbourne at Destination Anywhere Cafe Gallery 97 Burwood Road, Hawthorn.
0le Ziger   Ziger was born the 24th of November 1940 in Copenhagen and made his debut in l968. At that time he painted with an intense, socially critical brush, his subjects often being the insensitive Copenhagen suburbs.
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