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Maxfield ParrishMaxfield Parrish (July 25, 1870 - March 30, 1966) was an American painter and illustrator.
Charles Willson PealeCharles Willson Peale (April 15, 1741 – February 22, 1827) was an American painter, soldier and naturalist.
Samuel PeploeSamuel John Peploe (27 January 1871 - 11 October 1935) was a Scottish Post-Impressionist painter, noted for his still life works and for being one of the group of four painters that became known as the Scottish Colourists.
Lilla Cabot PerryLilla Cabot Perry (b. January 13, 1848, Boston, Massachusetts – d. February 28, 1933, Hancock, New Hampshire), was one of the first American artists to embrace impressionism during the late 19th century.
Pietro PeruginoPietro Perugino (1446–1524) was the leading painter of the Umbrian school, who developed some of the qualities that found classic expression in the High Renaissance.
John Frederick PetoJohn Frederick Peto (May 21, 1854 – November 23, 1907) was a United States trompe l'oeil ("fool the eye") painter who was long forgotten until his paintings were rediscovered along with those of fellow trompe l'oeil artist William Harnett.
Francis PicabiaFrancis-Marie Martinez Picabia (January 22, 1879 - November 30, 1953) was a well-known painter and poet born of a French mother and a Spanish-Cuban father who was an attaché at the Cuban legation in Paris, France.
Pablo PicassoPablo Ruiz Picasso (October 25, 1881 - April 8, 1973) was one of the recognized masters of 20th century art.
Piero della FrancescaPiero della Francesca (c. 1412 – October 12, 1492) was an Italian artist of the Early Renaissance. His painting was characterized by its serene humanism and its use of geometric forms, particularly in relation to perspective and foreshortening.
Camille PissarroCamille Pissarro (July 10, 1830 - November 1903) was a French impressionist painter.

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