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Patrick NagelPatrick Nagel (1945 - 1984) was an American artist.
Bruce NaumanBruce Nauman (born 1941) is a contemporary American artist. His pluralistic practice spans a broad range of media including sculpture, photography, neon, video, drawing and performance.
Ernst Wilhelm NayErnst Wilhelm Nay (1902, Berlin - 1968, Cologne) was a German abstract painter influenced by l'art informel
Alice NeelAlice Neel (January 28, 1900 October 13, 1984) was an American portrait painter. Her paintings are notable for their expressionistic use of line and color, psychological acumen, and emotional intensity.
LeRoy NeimanLeRoy Neiman (born June 8, 1927) is an American artist known for his brilliantly colored, semi-abstract paintings and screen prints of athletes and sporting events.
Louise NevelsonLouise Berliawsky Nevelson (born Leah Berliawsky, September 23, 1899, Kiev, Czarist Russia - d. April 17, 1988, New York, New York) was a Ukrainian-born American artist.
Barnett NewmanBarnett Newman (January 29, 1905 - July 4, 1970) was an American artist. He is seen as one of the major figures in abstract expressionism and one of the foremost of the color field painters.
Ben NicholsonBenjamin Lauder Nicholson OM, (10 April 1894 6 February 1982), known as Ben Nicholson, was an English abstract painter
Isamu NoguchiIsamu Noguchi (November 17, 1904 - December 30, 1988) was a prominent Japanese American artist and landscape architect whose artistic career spanned six decades, from the 1920s onward.
Kenneth NolandKenneth Noland (April 10, 1924 January 5, 2010) was an American painter.

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