Digital Consciousness Permanent Gallery
Pencil and Pen Artists
This index and gallery are constructed from the information submitted by Pencil and Pen Artists who register with Digital Consciousness, and from the comments of the Digital Color jury. Digital Consciousness maintains biographical information about these artists in a public database and creates web pages for them that generally includes an image or sample of their artwork. The category includes pastels and illustrators.
The artists are listed in alphabetical order.
J P Bhattacharjee Jyoti has been in advertising for 10 years. Worked with great artists and realized the power of visuals as great medium for communications. His work is with
  1. Exerimental art with themes from Indian mythology, and
  2. Digital recovery of great works of art
Sergio Robert Borges de Souza Ink drawing, oleum painting and print engraving from Brazil.
Marc Doyle Animals, florals, landscapes and more feature as originals, art prints and posters by UK artist Marc Doyle. Born in Oldham, England in 1963, Marc studied Theatre Design at Croydon College of Art & Design in London.
Teresa Drapeau A variety of subjects done in pencil and some pen and ink drawings as well.
Joe Host Self taught for the most part, I enjoy doing watercolour, acrylic, and pencil pieces most of all. I've also dabbled in chalk, charcoal, and abstract found work. My style varies depending on my mood and what I need to get the feelings and scene across to the viewer. Most common is a realistic impressionism. - other than that I either emulate artists styles I've liked or just make it up as I go along.. what I put into the picture just depends on what catches my eye, or my attention (can just be a thought or a line - maybe a shape that expresses what I want) I like doing landscapes or people - mostly faces or torsos.
Martine Jacobs After college I started to travel to many foreign countries. The images I saw made deep impressions in mine experience. I soon realized that I wanted to express these experiences, through drawing and painting. I visited museums, markets and other places where people gathered so that I could draw. I also attended a private Art Academy in Amsterdam. I began to exhibit after finishing the Academy.
Erik de Jong Born on 10 june 1980. I was always interested in art. Mainly paper drawings. About a year ago I started with Digital Art. I see there is a good progress in my work but I hope to become better and better, and to learn more techniques to make my artwork more professional.
John Kaufmann Realistic illustration for publishing and advertisment. Subjects include sci-fi, fantasy, history and natural science.
Born in St. Louis, MO USA in 1963 John enjoyed his childhood adventures in a forest along a creek that flowed into the Mississippi River just north of the city. Inspired by everything on and off the planet Johns paintings have been used in text books, mass market trade, magazines, and advertising. He now works out of his home studio and spends as much time as posible with his family, Julie, Eleanor, Alexander, and Olivia.
Nancy Klock Although Nancy is by education an engineer, and worked for many years in that profession, she finds in art freedom and a medium for self-expression. It is now her full-time avocation.
Rob Mims Rob Mims was born in Texas and has been drawing and painting since he can remember. Once he entered college and discovered the world of radical free-expression he became levendis and started creating for the sake of creating.
Ruben Montecinos The life and the vice of Ruben Montecinos is his art. This creative graphic artist works with traditional and digital means. He loves the anatomy and the classical drawing.
Hans Martin Řien Born in Drammen, Norway 1964. A presentation of sculpture, painting, digital art, drawings, art-projects by the Norwegian artist Hans Martin Řien.
Luc Pilmeyer With coloured pencils and China ink as weapons, Luc Pilmeyer fights on the arty battlefields where usually we meet oils on canvas. It is his own way to produce this kind of surrealism with some psychedelic spices.
Reinhard Schmid A sensual combination of fantastic, surreal images and a rare style: pencil and a unique mixed media technique on the reverse side of glass! Reinhard Schmid shows the world of the unreal, whimsical, sometimes grotesque and mostly with a humorous or erotic touch.
Rick Short Rick Short was born in Richmond, Virginia and began drawing when he was 9 years old and started painting he was 14. Rick has created print advertising, original artwork and computer graphics for small businesses and nonprofit organizations and his art has been shown in galleries in his native home of Richmond, Virginia and galleries across the state of Florida from St. Augustine to Fort Lauderdale.
Elizabeth Arlene Smith Elizabeth was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. She attended H.B.Plant High School and continued her education at the University of South Florida to obtain a B.A. in Fine Arts. Throughout her childhood her main passion was drawing which then expanded to other art mediums such as watercolors and ceramics.
Tafelmacher Swiss born, world traveller, installed in Switzerland as a wood artisan, paints Sundays and evenings, severval expositions in amateur shows, r2001 member.
Sharon Wallace Sharon was born in Stilwell, OK., grew up in Northern CA. and now resides in SE Tennessee. She is self taught and started late in life, first with digital art done with a mouse and has recently tried her hand at pencil sketching. Her site features landscapes and nature.
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