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Maggie Connell

2013 Digital Color Artist

Jackie Winter
© 2018 Maggie Connell

Maggie Connell is the 2013 Artist.
Maggie has now been painting seriously for a decade and a half. Her six week exhibition, Living with Wolves, is on display at the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery in New South Wales. The purpose of that exhibition is to create works about a fun and colorful life with dogs.

Over time, she has had varying styles. Her moving oil paintings of owls, robins, magpies and other birds are from the wild and also after photos of Steve Parish and Dave Watts. Some of her earlier paintings are of happy colorful naive style people. She has also painted portraits, still life and scenery and has exhibited drawings on paper and oils on metal.

Recently, under the influence of Mark Tobey's densely structured compositions, she uses writing and symbols as a basis for watercolor paintings. She has a gallery of still life metaphors including those titled: The Fall From Grace, An Enduring Relationship, Gossip, An Integrated Group and The Third Cup of Wine. The third cup of wine drank the man.

She has formally studied drawing, printmaking, painting and sculpture. She attended Tafe in Alice Springs and for a term, at Broken Hill, and created art using these media at that time.

Artist page of Maggie Connell

The Digital Color Award.
The Digital Color Award has been granted anually since 2011.
It was granted seasonally in 2010, and monthly from 1999 to 2009.

The award is for outstanding contemporary artists registered with Digital Consciousness.
The work of the winning artist is featured on the Digital Color Artist page.
It is also included in a permanent gallery with all the recipients.
Publicity is through the Digital Consciousness newsletter and other media.

Nominations and voting are public, but the votes are not binding.
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