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2014 Nominations

Gilbert Abric Watercolors in a realistic style. Searching light effects of transparencies, reflections and snow. Marine and interior settings, fabric and greenhouses. Lyon landscapes, monuments, people, the night, flowers and fruits. Looking at his watercolors creates a vibration in ones mind. 4 votes.
Hisham Zreiq Hisham Zreiq also spelled Zrake, is an award wining Palestinian-Israeli film director and visual artist. He started creating computer art in 1994, and in 1996 started exhibiting his work in galleries and museums.4 votes.
Anima Somnia Anima Somnia is a digital artist/ photographer. Her imagination is her doorway into the world of art. Her goal as an artist is to show a dark and unreal side-an exhaust valve to a fantasy world full of gothic brushes and dark atmosphere. In her artworks you can find she use several fonts, from photos and textures to digital painting.2 votes.
Nazish Chunara Shapes and their compositions when with one another. Abstract patterns, objects and still life. Soft and straight, fussy and firm geometry.Living life on the edge of a swirl. The science of curved angles. 2 votes.
Judy A Puckett White predators Photograph enhanced with digital oil2 votes.
Jaison Cianelli Abstract digital mixed-media art that makes use of sacred geometry and expresses the energy and transcendence of the Divine Feminine.2 votes.
Pali Szilvassy Pali is a prolific artist in the Santa Barbara, California art scene. He is the creator of gigantic floats and whimsical costumes in the annual Santa Barbara Solstice parade. Wildly flamboyant, he struts around town and attends public receptions arriving in his hand-painted cars and suits. He enjoys directing and creating multi-media videos in which he is dancing and painting and interacting with live musicians and the audience. Every year he attends the Burning Man Festival with his illuminated inflatable sculptures attached to the top of his decorated Art Car. 2 votes.

The Digital Color Award.
The Digital Color Award has been granted anually since 2011.
It was granted seasonally in 2010, and monthly from 1999 to 2009.

The award is for outstanding contemporary artists registered with Digital Consciousness.
The work of the winning artist is featured on the Digital Color Artist page.
It is also included in a permanent gallery with all the recipients.
Publicity is through the Digital Consciousness newsletter and other media.

Nominations and voting are public, but the votes are not binding.
Current nominees are listed on the Digital Color Current Nominees page.
Links to previous nominees are on the Digital Color Previous Nominees page.
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