Digital Consciousness Permanent Gallery

The authors are listed in alphabetical order.
Christopher Bradley Chris has created a book of poems called The World Before Latin, that I have placed on-line so that it may be read by anyone in the world for free.
Jamie Lees   Jamie Lees is an Objectivist author. She resides in Los Angeles.
Ralph Shroyer Ralph's Political Philosophy
In a country as rich as ours, we have failed to provide all our citizens and children with decent health care. We have inadequate schools with overcrowded classrooms, and underpaid teachers, while we spend more on alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs than we do on public education. Just one corporate mogul, Bill Gates, possesses enough personal wealth to match the budgets of all the school districts in California. And, weíre told that we canít find enough money for public schools. It neednít be that way if we didnít sit back and allow this countryís democracy and elections to remain under the control of special interests, wealthy individuals and corporations.
Kermit Wolff   Kermit's college years were spent at UCLA where he had the good fortune to study with a world famous philosopher, namely, Lord Bertrand Russell; one of the greatest philosphers of his century. Kermit and Bertrand became friends and Kermit eventually wrote a column about him. Kermit graduated from UCLA with a degree in Philosophy. His current project Wolfies, plays on words is illustrated by Alex King and will soon be published on Digital Consciousness
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