Digital Consciousness Permanent Gallery
Digital Color Winners 1999 through 2001
Each of these artists have been recognized with a Digital Color Award in the year 1999, 2000 or 2001. Click on their names to see a sample of their work and a more detailed biography. They are listed in reverse chronological order as to the month they won.
Elissa Dorfman Elissa creates contemporary oil and watercolor paintings in abstract realistic and figurative style. She has exhibited around the world; currently, among many other places, at The Ninth Life Fine Art Gallery, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Many of her works are on the Internet. She is Artist-in-residence at the University of Maryland. She has a wide range of subjects: erotica, fantasy, humor, interiors, landscapes, moods, nature, patterns, people, places and still life. One cannot help but enjoy looking at her paintings. Elissa Dorfman is the December 2001 Artist of the Month.
Joseph Di Sipio Joseph's forte is the nude although his true love is the abstract. Anything with an abstract quality to it. Aaron Siskind and Minor White among others are his mentors for the abstract. He shoots plants and trees, coming in close to create abstract images. He has a fondness for old cemeteries, especially ones in Italy, and has included the nude in these locations. Edward Weston's influence can be seen in his work. Joseph Di Sipio is the November 2001 Artist of the Month.
Stephen Anderson Stephen was born in 1967 in San Pedro, California. He received a Bachelors of Fine Art degree from California State University Long Beach. His series: Burned Fingers series of 1,000 examines the gestures and positions of hands and the varied meanings that occur; from love to anger to alienation to enlightenment. The series is done with a blowtorch and oil paint and mixed media on wood. Stephen has exhibited across the United States and in Paris. Stephen Anderson is the October 2001 Artist of the Month.
Peter Jones Fantastic Inspiration occurs sometimes for Peter. He focuses on story-telling images. He was an Art minor in College (Ohio State University), then for many years a renovator of old wooden and fiberglass boats. He has been living in the artistic island of Bali Indonesia for 8 years now. He has giclee Iris canvas prints of many images for sale. Each image is sold with certificate of limited editions. Peter Jones is the September 2001 Digital Color Artist.
Martine Jacbos Martine is from Holland. Her father was a designer and her mother his regular model. As a child she absorbed the feel of her father’s studio and drawing room with enormous sheets of paper and, rolls of fabrics from all parts of the world. She took her pastels to Portugal, where she sold her first painting, to Californa, Morocco and France. She has created pastel works on plywood, digital art, and found her own concept: the world of postage stamp. Gluing and cutting, tearing, drawing too, manipulating assorted stamps into a work of art. Martine has had exhibits throughout the Netherlands, in Morocco, France, Spain, Japan, Germany and Italy. Martine Jacobs is the August 2001 Digital Color Artist.
Andy Ross Sharp A California artist/musician (born 1975) who works in a variety of mediums, Andy Ross Sharp is best known for his abstract and hyperrealism. His work offers a unique meld of artistry, technology and talent in production of new forms of expression. Andy is the July 2001 Digital Color Artist.
Oscar Araripe Oscar is a new vision of California. Self-taught, as far as anyone can be, he was born in Brazil but was welcomed with open arms in the USA. Araripe has collectors and admirers in 47 countries. He has had over 100 exhibitions. He paints on synthetic canvas uses ink-markers on paintings and shows his works outdoors to the public at large defying rain and wind. Oscar is the June 2001 Digital Color Artist.
R. W. Firestone Creative, inquisitive, intelligent, a true independent spirit, R.W. Firestone brings to his art the same qualities that have made him a leading author and theoretician in psychological research and a world-class sailor. His strong sense of design, color and composition combined with his unique understanding of human nature has allowed him to create a large and eclectic body of work of unusual depth and sensitivity. R. W. Firestone is the May 2001 Digital Color Artist of the Month.
Steve Skinner Steve has lived and worked most of his life in Northern Illinois and Chicago. He graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he studied oil painting, drawing, and printmaking. For the last twelve years he has concentrated on watercolor painting which was difficult for him until he began painting local architectural structures such as bridges and roadways. Steve is the April 2001 Digital Color Artist of the Month.
Evert Robles Evert creates spiritual art for the 21st century. Evert works in various media: painting, photography, digital art and graphics. It has been shown in Amsterdam and Detroit galleries. Evert is the March 2001 Digital Color Artist of the Month.
Marianne Molgard Portraiture is Marianne's passion. She draws and works in oils, acrylics, watercolors and charcoal. She carries her drawing tools with her. Her ambition is to give her paintings a realistic look and a special atmosphere. In portraits she aims for a realistic and true look for a living portrait. Marianne Mölgård is the February 2001 Digital Color Artist of the Month.
Anca Laxer Anca is from Israel. She creates fantasy watercolors, drawings and digital art. Her subjects include portraits and characters, distorted objects and compositions with people placed in unusual settings. Anca is the December 2000 - January 2001 Digital Color Artist of the Month.
Marijan Gal Marijan was born in 1965 in Kunovec, Croatia, and has painted since age 15. Marijan has had 4 solo exibitions and at least 15 group exibitions. Marijan has complete over 100 pictures, mainly geometrical abstractions. Marijan is the November 2000 Digital Color Artist of the Month.
Kizzy Collins Kizzy started painting when she was 16 years old. She uses art as therapy. Kizzy is the October 2000 Digital Color Artist of the Month.
John Alderman A painter and sculptor of marble and bronze. John is a multi-talented artist who captures angels, nudes, wildlife, portraiture and abstracts with great skill and mastery. John is the September 2000 Digital Color Artist of the Month.
Paul Sable Paul creates large scale acrylic mobiles for corporate, public and private spaces. His work is playful, colorful, balanced, kinetic, translucent or transparent and fun. He also creates light sculpture, also kinetic and on any scale, from lamp size to monumental. Paul is the August 2000 Digital Color Artist of the Month.
Ray Ottulich Primarily self taught, he is the son of a commercial watercolorist. He has been named one of the top 50 artists in the Pacific Northwest. He was an Award winner of NorthWest Juried Art. His works are acrylics on canvas, landscape noir, surreal, deamscapes and 3d models. Ray is the July 2000 Digital Color Artist of the Month.
Jonathan White The Colors of the Urban Landscape, a collection of colored images of city scenes, both conventional photographs, and digital special-effects images. Jonathan is the June 2000 Digital Color Artist of the Month.
Michael Millevolte Studied kinetic art at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Influences include: Maholy-Nagy, Calder, Mondrian, Kandinsky, Tanguely and Takis. In the past 12 years The artist has created hundreds of one of a kind kinetic sculptures assembled from discarded cassette players, VCR parts, TVs, radios and various fans. Michael was the May Digital Color Artist of the Month.
Catherine Sienko Catherine studied the fine art of painting, sculpture and photography at the School for Visual Arts, New York City. She has shown her work at the Leo Castelli Gallery, NYC. She studied printmaking and sculpture with the direction of Loise Bourgeois, and photography with Todd Watts. She is a bold colorist, and a contemporary realist. Catherine was the April 2000 Digital Color Artist of the Month.
Craig Screven Art that shows political, historical and social events. It shows a strong use of line and the primary colors. Craigs favorite medium are oil paint and the computer. Craig was the March 2000 Digital Color Artist of the Month.
Bruce Burkholder Conteporary realist Painter, Bruce Burkholder -- Hays, Kansas, has received numreous cash and purchase awards through juried state, regional and national competitions. The Kansas Artists' Postcard Series, a project of the community art agencies of Kansas has featured his work several times and it has been published by the Kansas Department of Commerce in The Best of Kansas Arts and Crafts Catalog Bruce was the February 2000 Digital Color Artist of the Month.
Eoyang Yin Ye Eoyang Yin Ye is the artistic name of Peter H. Eoyang. Peter was the January 2000 Digital Color Artist of the Month.
Beverly Pace Sipos Bev Sipos is a contemporary realist with a master's degree in fine art. Her subjects include figures and landscape done in oil and watercolor. Bev was the December 1999 Digital Color Artist of the Month.
Eric Scott Bloom The work of Eric Scott Bloom is designed to celebrate art as a way of life. Like most artists throughout history, Bloom creates not only for the sheer joy of it, but also to leave a legacy. He strives to make art an integral part of our lives; in the way we think, act and feel. The end of 1999 will have seen Bloom make his 600th painting, and added to his archive of over 50,000 photographs. His site represents a vast, intricate, and thoroughly modern documentary of a committed, driven, and prolific fine artist. Eric was the November 1999 Digital Color Artist of the Month.
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