Digital Consciousness Permanent Gallery
Digital Color Winners 2006 and 2007
Each of these artists have been recognized with a Digital Color Award in 2006 or 2007. Click on their names to see a sample of their work and a more detailed biography. They are listed in reverse chronological order as to the month they won.
John Well-Off-Man John Well-Off-Man, a member of the Chippewa-Cree tribe, was born and raised in Havre, Montana and on the Rocky Boy Indian Reservation. John Well-Off-Man's artworks are exhibited in the permanent collection of the Montana Museum of Art and Culture and the Westphalian State Museum of Natural History in Muenster, Germany. John Well-Off-Man is the December 2007 Artist of the Month.
Carson Collins Carson Collins (b. 1953) was born in Oklahoma and raised and home schooled in the techniques of painting in Florida. Carson's life work, The Ocean Series, is a post modern response to the color field paintings of Mark Rothko. Intriguing, relaxing, and evocative, these richly colored and detailed images are minimalist in composition and appeal to serious art lovers, those who meditate, and ocean lovers. Carson Collins is the November 2007 Artist of the Month.
Derek McCrea Derek McCrea (b. 1969) was born in Albany, Georgia. He paints in a whimsical impressionistic style in plein air settings. He first started painting with oils in the summer of 1984. In 1986 he won first place in the Georgia Arts Exhibition. Derek's works can be found in galleries in North Carolina, Georgia, Spain, France and Austria and numerous online galleries. Derek McCrea is the October 2007 Artist of the Month.
Harlan Gruber Harlan Gruber (b. 1959) created the Sapphire Portal at Burning Man 2007. He has been attending the Burning Man festival in Nevada since 1999 and has created a series of bicycles for it called Playacycles. He has also created large scale sculptures for it: the Mutant Vehicle Labyrinth in 2003, the 11:11 Diamond Portal in 2004 & 2005 and the 12:12 Emerald Portal in 2006. He has become deeply committed to the vision of Burning Man, as it combines his interests in art, design and future habitation. Harlan Gruber is the September 2007 Artist of the Month.
NirvanaBlues NirvanaBlues, the Art of Fractals and Philosophy, are the creations of Jamie Austin Paige. Her inspiration is the stirring language of poets and philosophers. Jamie, the only child of an artistic family, spent her youth in her father's studio on the island of Malta. NirvanaBlues is the August 2007 Artist of the Month.
Nahid Navab Nahid has exhibited at her mystical portraits at juried fine art shows in the Washington D.C. area, Virgina and Iran. Nahid's work Dream was purchased by and is now part of the permanent collection of NOVA College, Annandale Campus. Nahid Navab is the July 2007 Artist of the Month.
Roger Cummiskey Roger Cummiskey is a Dublin watercolourist, living between Ireland and southern Spain. He has developed a unique individual style and specializes in paintings that take their themes and titles from the wanderings and writings of James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Miguel de Cervantes and other literary and historical personalities. Roger is a recognised Joycean artist. Roger Cummiskey is the June 2007 Artist of the Month.
Garry Andrews Garry Andrews was born in Sydney Australia. He was a founder and the first chairman of Kick Arts, a progressive artists collective in Cairns. Garry has had more than 60 solo and group exhibitions and has won 36 art prizes and awards for painting, drawing, sculpture, and printmaking. Garry Andrews is the May 2007 Artist of the Month.
Thomas Broadfoot Thomas Broadfoot, also known as BySilent, is a native of New Jersey living in Illinois. He creates computer graphics, digital abstracts, surreal spacescapes and fantasy works. Thomas Broadfoot is the April 2007 Artist of the Month.
Michaela Mrafkova Martinez Michaela Mrafkova Martinez, originally from Bratislava-Slovakia, now lives and works in sunny Miami, Florida. She is inspired by the study of color therapy, color theory and how color affects our bodies, moods and feelings. Michaela's original paintings, digital art works and fine prints are exhibited in the famous Art Deco District, Espanola Way. She has completed a one year course in advanced drawing with Academic Painter E. Kuzmova in Bratislava. Presently she is enrolled in a two year program with the American Art Institute. Michaela Mrafkova Martinez is the March 2007 Artist of the Month.
Tantra Bensko Tantra Bensko paints rapturous vivid lucid visions that will haunt you into new corridors of consciousness and chase you down them until you wake. Tantra resides in San Francisco. She is the Art Director of the multimedia magazine, Mad Hatters Review. Some of her art takes the form of recycled sculptures with photography. She also makes movies from her art, which are projected at events. Tantra Bensko is the February 2007 Artist of the Month.
Mina Momeni Mina Momeni was born in Tehran in 1976. She is a painter and photographer. She has an Art Diploma in Painting from the Visual Art School, Tehran and a B.A in Photography from Azad University, Tehran. She has had Individual and Group Exhibitions in Iran and Sweden. Mina Momeni is the January 2007 Artist of the Month.
Ernesto Coelho Silva Ernesto Coelho Silva is from Portugal. He has a style of abstraction that distorts reality so as to make it difficult to spot the subject of his work. His art exists in the domain of the ideas. It starts as thought, the wakening of reasoning, or in a process of mental creation. It ends as the protagonist of a history, recognized for the press and painters, propagated for the world. Ernesto Coelho Silva is the December 2006 Artist of the Month.
Van Renselar Van Renselar produces colourful works for home interiors and corporate spaces concerned more with form, composition and colour than subject matter. He uses colour, shape and line to make pictures which involve and intrigue the viewer. Van Renselar grew up in South Wales and London, where he now lives and works. He has exhibited at many venues in the UK and the USA. Van Renselar is the November 2006 Artist of the Month.
Heinrich Wagner Heinrich Wagner was born in Austria. He received basic training from Professor Emmy Woitsch and afterwards at the academy of fine arts in Vienna. He paints in with oils. His technique requires that he work so slowly it takes months to complete one picture. He began exibiting his paintings in 1979. His works have been in galleries in Braunau, Raab, Hoehnhart, Windischgarsten, Vienna, Obernberg, Ried, Reichersberg, Stadttorturm, Linz and elsewhere in Austria and Italy ever since. Heinrich Wagner is the October 2006 Artist of the Month.
Alan King Alan King (b. 1952, London) combines traditional methods and photography with software. This results in some strong, vibrant and vividly surreal images which reminds one of the landscapes of the prominent Surrealist painters, but with a definite contemporary edge to them. His work is defined by creation of intoxicating landscape compositions executed in a style recognized and accepted by the Massurrealist movement. Alan King is the September 2006 Artist of the Month.
Pilar Bamba Pilar Bamba (b. 1951) works with watercolors, collage, oil and acrylic. She possesses an especially delicate observation of the female mind, attitude and form. Her paintings present expressionist gestures and emotive impressionism in a fresh and instantaneous way. Her colors and faces express feminine spirituality, feelings, hurt and beauty. Her figures show feminine solitude, joy and heartache. Pilar Bamba is the August 2006 Artist of the Month.
Larz Eldbage Larz Eldbage (b. 1938) was born in Uppsala, Sweden under the name of Lars Wahlberg. In 1997 he adopted his artistic name Larz Eldbage. He has worked professionally as a designer, art teacher and art director and was the owner of several design companies. Since 1993 he has worked as a professional artist. Several seperate exhibitions and a lot of collection-exhibitions have been arranged in Sweden, France, Italy, Spain and USA. He was represented in Stockholm Art Fair, 1998, 1999, 2000 and Euro Art, Barcelona 1999 and Europe Art, Geneve 2000. Larz Eldbage is the July 2006 Artist of the Month.
Finn Stamp Finn Stamp (b. 1980) is inspired by such postmodernists as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. He has painted cult icons in a contemporary yet personal style and numerous fine art interpretations of personal photos. His works have been exhibited in numerous places such as the London Art Fair and The Green Room Manchester, and written about in the magazines City Life and The Big Issue. He now runs his own art company, NuVision, which produces a range of Pop Art, landscape and commissioned paintings. Finn Stamp is the June 2006 Artist of the Month.
Zoran Poposki Zoran Poposki (b.1974) is an accomplished abstract expressionist painter and graphic artist from Macedonia. His work has been featured in national TV programs, newspapers and magazines. Zoran takes a passionate approach to painting. His expressive strokes have been compared to a squid squirting ink all around, defending itself. His paintings are a form of refined lyricism, more emotional than intellectual. Zoran Poposki is the May 2006 Artist of the Month.
Antar Vartan Antar Vartan (b.1966) excelled in art college in India in lithography and drawing. Vartanís bold abstraction and free brush strokes epitomize spontaneity in a grand scale. He is a master of composition: his paintings emanate a wild energy from what at first appears to be a free, unconstrained and even chaotic form, but a closer inspection reveals a structured dynamic of tranquility and turbulence. His paintings are frequently anchored by a simple yet elegant geometric shape or a region of serene, radiant negative space. Around the anchors there is unceasing motion. Antar Vartan is the March 2006 Artist of the Month.
Lou PhinneyStoltz Lou PhinneyStoltz has been creating digital paintings and printing them on canvas and glossy papers for about seven years. Lou is an interior designer with an intrinsic understanding of color. He creates his works from photographs, using a computer to specify colors. Through imagination, and a heaping dose of abstract expressionistic wizardry his work is amazing and cutting edge. Lou lives and exhibits his work in Florida. Lou PhinneyStoltz is the February 2006 Artist of the Month.
Karyelle Starnes Karyelle Starnes (b. 1987) was born in Houston and now lives in Northern Georgia. Art is her first love. She began creative projects at the age of 8. In 2002 she became more prolific and gained recognition as a gifted artist. Karyelle Starnes is the January 2006 Artist of the Month.
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