Digital Consciousness Permanent Gallery
Digital Color Winners 2004 and 2005
Each of these artists have been recognized with a Digital Color Award in 2004 or 2005. Click on their names to see a sample of their work and a more detailed biography. They are listed in reverse chronological order as to the month they won.
Miran Kres Miran Kres (b. 1973) studied Educational Fine Art at the University of Ljubljana. He explores themes of the mind, body, and spirit with a focus on social codes and space. With a postmodernistic cultural identity and existential personal experience in New York, Amsterdam and North Africa his work explores mortality and alchemy with wit, verve, originality and force. Miran Kres is the December 2005 Artist of the Month.
Adam McDaniel Adam McDaniel (b. 1974) is a freelance illustrator specializing in hand drawn illustration and painting. Drawing since an early age, he is largely a self-taught artist with no formal training. Adam has gone on to serve as a technical director and set designer for several theatrical stage shows, and as a production designer and cinematographer for independent films and documentaries. He currently works in southern California within the field of post production for TV and film. Adam McDaniel is the November 2005 Artist of the Month.
T.R. Bishop T.R. Bishop (b. 1972) is an American. The two most influencial groups for him have always been the Expressionists and the Surrealists. He finds it is very important to imbue in his artwork a feeling or sensation yet to leave the message ambiguous. T.R. Bishop is the October 2005 Artist of the Month.
George Comninos George is a Sydney based painter/print maker and recent graduate of the National Art School, Sydney Australia. Much of George's work starts around the universal idea of family. The passing of time and its effects on family memories is explored. Nostalgia and transience are also abiding themes. Quite often photos gleaned from old family albums are used to start an image or are assimilated into an image. George Comninos is the September 2005 Artist of the Month.
Pieter-Jan Fissette Pieter is from Belgium. Most fascinating for him is the illusion of perfection. This perfection does not exist, however, he gives everyone the illusion of perfection. His aim is to idealize the subjects of his creations, making people what they dream of being. Pieter-Jan Fissette is the August 2005 Artist of the Month.
Kumiko McKee Kumiko is a contemporary artist based in the US. She has a BFA degree in painting and while she was a student, she received the Robert D. Coe Fine Arts Scholarship and was granted membership to the Golden Key National Honor Society. Kumiko McKee is the July 2005 Artist of the Month.
Öp-Be Öp-Be paints and digitally creates a fusion of landscapes and characters. She researched and wrote stories behind composer Murat Ses concept albums and was Murat's inspiration for Anadolu Pop. Öp-Be also designed artwork for Clou Records: Automaton, Binfen, Culduz, Automaton and Vulcha Corp. She lives in Austria and Florida. Öp-Be is the June 2005 Artist of the Month.
Rooma Mehra Rooma Mehra (b. 1967) is a poet as well as a painter. The cognitive details of Rooma's intricate and exquisite watercolors reveal a fertile mind of great imaginative reach. Her sensitive faces have a dreamy vapor-like quality that exude secretiveness and magical charm. After seeing her paintings, the predominant feeling that one has is that she is in search of an incomprehensible and invisible truth – a longing for which is reflected in all of her paintings. Rooma Mehra is the May 2005 Artist of the Month.
Kerry L. Marsala Kerry L Marsala (b. 1962) began working with energy art a few years ago. She noticed how the arts helped heal people from all walks of life and she began to develop her own form of energy art. K L Marsala's artwork encompasses Asian landscapes, abstract forms, geometric forms, symbolism and visions. Her medium is acrylic and Sumi Ink. Kerry is the April 2005 Artist of the Month.
Lynda Cookson Resident in Ireland, Lynda uses mainly acrylic on canvas. Her work is vibrant and colourful, strongly influenced by her South African roots. She has exhibited in Italy, Ireland, Tanzania, Germany, South Africa and Namibia. Magazine articles have been written about Lynda in South Africa and Ireland. She is a member of Sculptors’ Society Ireland. She is the 2005 organiser of the annual Art in the West exhibition in Galway. Lynda is the March 2005 Artist of the Month.
Nathan McClain Nathan McClain (1973-1997) was an accomplished Illustrator who died unexpectedly and tragically. Nathan is the February 2005 Artist of the Month.
Claire McCarthy Claire (b. 1981) is mainly self taught, although she has had courses and workshops at colleges including the Glasgow School of Art. She is inspired by artists such as Jenny Saville, Lucien Freud, David Donaldson and Edgar Degas. She paints a wide range of subjects including figures and life, landscapes and animals. Claire is the January 2005 Artist of the Month.
Miguel Angel Avila Miguel (b. 1975) was raised in Monterrey, Mexico. He offers us complex and vibrant works that describe an ideal world, and at the same time the real one. His contrasting subjects are modern Mexico as an industrialized, chaotic and beautiful container of naïve memories, and American society as an individualist, highly commercial, superficial and visually attractive container of memories and disappointments. Miguel is the December 2004 Artist of the Month.
Girish Kumar Girish (b. 1962) resides in Kerala, the small state of India where he was born. He has had six solo exhibitions in Kerala. To Girish, painting is a trip to humanity and non-violence, a spritual trip to peace. His work speaks to the contradiction of violence and serenity in all beings and forms. Girish is the November 2004 Artist of the Month.
Matthew Bates Matthew was born in Washington, D.C. in 1970. He creates images which stretch reality with three perspective points. This technique, “Magic Realism,” allows us to see a realistic image in a magical context. It is as if we had three sets of eyes spying on the world all at once. In several of his paintings he has used Fibonacci Rectangles, or the Golden Ratio, to create the design of the painting. Matthew is the October 2004 Artist of the Month.
Dragan Katanic Dragan combines different techniques in a single painting. His paintings are on a thin invisible line between fine glamour and the primal scream of birth. He is from Serbia and his works are exhibited in several galleries there. Dragan is the September 2004 Artist of the Month.
Anthony J. Petchkis Anthony J. Petchkis is a Boston based landscape artist who has been exhibiting continuously for the past 20 years. His art has focused on the New England and Adirondack Regions. Although Anthony continues to be inspired by the great American masters of the Hudson River School, his individual vision is unique. His media include oil on canvas and pastel on rag board or paper, which is painted not drawn to create a homogeneous finish, and can be perceived as photographic. Anthony is the August 2004 Artist of the Month.
Qi Yuan Cai Qi Yuan Cai's painting studio is located in Shaoxing, a well-known city in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. He paints portraits on commission. Qi Yuan is the July 2004 Artist of the Month.
Ayanna Nicole Floyd Ayanna is classically trained with a fine arts degree from the Pennsylvania State University. Her landscapes, adaptations of Chinese water painting, are created with washes of color. The process incorporates countless layers of water that she infuses with acrylic hues. The result is a beautiful balance between calculated brushstrokes and random dripping combined into magnificent compositions. Ayanna is the June 2004 Artist of the Month.
Deborah Ann Duffy Deborah was born in California, raised in Tennessee, lived in Europe for a long period of time and has traveled the world. She uses her natural instincts and skills to create motivational pieces of cultural and historical value. Her depiction of children, motherhood and women provide a spiritual insight to the characters. Her floral creations have a mystical ethereal mood and mode to them that are accentuated by her effective use of color. She works mainly in watercolors and pastels. Deborah is the May 2004 Artist of the Month.
Michael Tory Baggiano Tory was born in Denver in 1967 of Italian and German descent. He has intensely pursued many forms of expression and creation during his artistic life. Tory broke the world freestyle water-skiing record for most points scored in 1990 and then beat his own record in 1991. After these physical triumphs he shifted his interest to visual art and expressions of the mind. His art provokes thought. It is not created exclusively for decorative purposes; it captures and lures you in through your mind and spirit. His art shows truth through abstract means and covers a wide range of styles taken from many art movements, from cubism to surrealism, from impressionism to expressionism. Tory is the April 2004 Artist of the Month.
Garth Allan Garth Allan works predominately in watercolor with subjects which include waterways and the Scottish landscape. Many of his works have been published as greeting and Christmas cards. His early married life was spent living on the water, on the UK canals, and his work reflects his knowledge and nostalgia from those years. Today he owns an Edwardian Steamboat which he uses as a floating studio to gather reference material for current works. He has a solo exhibition in Guildford UK every year, and also exhibits at the National Waterways Festival. Garth is the March 2004 Artist of the Month.
Embize Bruno Embize Bruno is a French graphic artist who draws big portraits of movie stars. Embize is the February 2004 Artist of the Month.
Prakash Deshmukh Prakash Deshmukh (b. 1962) resides in India. He practices arts in various media such as oils, watercolors, mixed media and murals, one medium at a time. For the last four years he has been exploring the digital medium. He has participated in many competitions and group exhibitions and has had solo exhibitions at various places in India. His works are in collections of many eminent personalities, art collectors, corporations, art galleries and hotels. Prakash is the January 2004 Artist of the Month.
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