Digital Consciousness Permanent Gallery
Digital Color Winners 2002 and 2003
Each of these artists have been recognized with a Digital Color Award in the year 2002 or 2003. Click on their names to see a sample of their work and a more detailed biography. They are listed in reverse chronological order as to the month they won.
Bryce Brown Bryce Brown (b. 1971) was raised in the lush surrounds of Northland, New Zealand. His paintings incorporate strong line, texture and colour, evoking a positive sense of the human condition. Influences on Bryce's work include Modigliani, Rivera, Picasso and Matisse. His works are in collections in London, Edinburgh and New York. Bryce is the December 2003 Artist of the Month.
Paul Bracey Paul is a photographer. He photographs a broad range of subject matter usually with a digital camera and edits in Photoshop. Paul is the November 2003 Artist of the Month.
Cecil Herring Cecil Herring is a painter, sculptor, photographer and writer interested in art and technology. She created and received awards and wide coverage for her Spacescapes series of paintings. She maintains a studio Orlando. As a feature writer and photographer she covered the Apollo, Apollo-Soyuz and US-Soviet space missions. Cecil is the October 2003 Artist of the Month.
Erol Erkmen Erol Erkmen (b. 1951) resides in Istanbul and is an engineer. His artistic photography began in the 1970's. He discontinued his artwork for 10 years and restarted after 1993. His work arises on 1:1 sized films by using analog dark room techniques. After taking a photogrpah he sketches which effects he will use and which colors that he is going to emphasize. He then creates half-tone color separation films in the darkroom and separates the colors according to his own system. He makes various maskings with the screen films and retouches them with cyanide and special dyes. Some works take months to complete. Erol is the September 2003 Artist of the Month.
Linda Martin Linda Martin (b. 1942) Linda's use of light and colour express the unseen energies that weave into being. She is a freelance Australian writer/artist/illustrator who began to seriously study art at the age of fourteen. As well as teaching art she has worked in both commercial and fine arts, in pastel, acrylics and watercolours. Her most recent successes have been in the field of digital art, resulting in many cyber-awards. Linda is the August 2003 Artist of the Month.
Billi Thanner Billi Thanner (b. 1972) began to paint as a child in Croatia and Italy and had her first exhibition at age 17 before finding her new home in Vienna. She has been influenced by the pictures of James Rizzi. Her playful and provocative pictures bring a feeling of warmth and strength. They energize, radiate optimism and testify to a positive attitude towards life. Billi is the July 2003 Artist of the Month.
Véro Rigole Véro (b. 1964) is from Belgium. Véro contemporary art paintings and installations have been in dozens of shows and have won many awards. Véro style is symbolic and abstract reflected in portraits done not in the classic way, but as metaphor. Véro is the June 2003 Artist of the Month.
Vincenzo Balsamo Vincenzo, born in Brindisi in 1935, lived in Rome and Paris and now lives in Verona. He has exhibited in national and international fairs, galleries and museums since the 1950's. His body of work includes figurative work, the first abstraction, the "Decomposition" informal, the "Nebulous," the "Evocations" of surreal calls, the second abstraction, the "Analysis and experimentation's" period. In 1987 he began the "Lyric abstraction." It is an operation the artist performs under the sign of grace and lightness, letting the images come out as if from a dream, the place where the lines of geometry and imagination live together. The sign outlines the forms, the color connotes the emotional field, the light dematerialises the vision. Vincenzo is today one of the most important abstract Italian artists and the May 2003 Artist of the Month.
Craig Robertson Craig is a visual artist from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He creates contemporary portraits and drawings of nudes and other subjects ranging from realistic to the expressionistic. His art is a biographical exploration of his life and thought. His palette contains the somber earth tones of the classical world as well as the bright super chromatic of the pop and postmodern era. His work has both an adult sensibility and a childlike curiosity and playfulness. Craig is the April 2003 Artist of the Month.
Gilbert Abric Gilbert (b. 1949) is a self-taught french watercolorist. He paints in realistic style depicting the effects of light in interior settings. Looking at his watercolors creates a vibration in ones mind. He has received numerous awards including: "Silver Medal" at the French "Académie des Arts Sciences & Lettres"; Watercolours Award at the French exhibition "Art & Lumières"; and "Prix des Présidents" at "Salon d'Hiver" in Lyon. Gilbert is the March 2003 Digital Color Artist of the Month.
Laurence de Sainte-Maréville Laurence de Sainte Maréville's art is a whole world in itself. Her drawings both remind us of our inner nature and give us new landscapes to explore. Each of her works speaks directly, but each time you return to it, you discover something new. L.dSM works are well distributed in both internet and paper media including the French magazine, "L'instant du monde," an exhibition in Sete (south of France) during the festival "Childhood and diving", on the banner for an American scientific site, the La Page Blanche's logo, the Pages Libres, an important French-speaking web-based magazine about literature, the Francopolis' logo, a diet food shop's logo and shop sign -- "Label Forme" situated in the French southern city of Nimes and Librairie and galerie Racine a bookstore situated in Quartier Latin the cultural heart of Paris. Laurence is the February 2003 Digital Color Artist of the Month.
Miguel Cerejido Miguel was born in Cuba in 1960. He graduated from the academy of Plastic Arts "San Alejandro" in 1980, and the Superior Institute of Art (I.S.A.) in 1985. He has worked as a professor at the Superior Institute of Industrial Design, among other art schools in Cuba. He also worked as a specialist at the Centro de Diseño Ambiental (Interior Design) in Havana. He has been an active member of the National Union of writers and artists of Cuba (UNEAC) since 1995. His explorations in painting have always been dealing with the possible nexuses between music and painting. This theme is present in all his artistic endeavours. Miguel is the January 2003 Digital Color Artist of the Month.
Moustafa Al-Hatter Moustafa has been painting during his entire life. He was born in Cairo in 1948. Since 1983, he has held diplomatic positions in several countries, in Africa, Europe and Latin America. He has also traveled to many countries around the world and feels that his artistic abilities and techniques have developed and enriched through his trips in which he has enjoyed the culture of other countries. Moustafa is the December 2002 Digital Color Artist of the Month.
Teresa Muñoz Teresa began by painting on wood 15 years ago. He now draws and uses oil paint on canvas. He has been inspired and guided by two renowned artists, Juan Abellán Juliá and Manuel Luca de Tena. In his work it is possible to appreciate, on the one hand, perfectly conceived landscapes and on the other hand, very well finished figures. The preoccupation of Teresa resides in objects and their relations with a profusion of hot colors that often takes the colds ones to the background. He gives form and color to feelings, memories of family, and illusions by the way spaces are left. Elements of his paintings intermingle and demonstrate the passion in his creative world. Teresa is the November 2002 Digital Color Artist of the Month.
Michael Elliott Michael started drawing civil war battle scenes in grade school and continued through college. His subjects now include realistic landscapes, nature, portraits and pets. He works in pencil, pen and ink, oils and acrylic. Michael is the October 2002 Digital Color Artist of the Month.
Michael Sturdy Photography has been Michael's passion since 1969 when he bought his first PentaxSV SLR with a clip-on light meter and a couple of lenses. Finally his monocular vision had found a voice through a medium that allowed him to express his own particular angle on the world. Lasting impressions become lasting expressions. Early darkroom experiences yielded the scientific secrets of writing with light and the continued satisfaction of being able to afford what is normally an expensive medium. Michael is the September 2002 Digital Color Artist of the Month.
Victoria M. Velazquez-Szymanski Victoria has been drawing ever since she was old enough to hold a pencil. She has worked with colored pencil and professional markers since she was a teenager. Her style is dynamic and colorful. She has recently changed her medium of choice, in order to produce art in a lasting medium, she now works in oils. Victoria's style has grown throughout her life but remains unique and creative. Her main subjects are people. She enjoys depicting the variety of life and culture. Her main purpose in art is to bring color and joy into a world that she believes can some times be dark and sad. Victoria is the August 2002 Digital Color Artist of the Month.
Lisa Putman A fascination with history, death rites and religion led Lisa to explore cemeteries. The cemeteries offer her an opportunity to produce digital imagery showing the cohesiveness of math and art. She is a photographer and math teacher from Utah. Lisa is the July 2002 Digital Color Artist of the Month.
Joe Host Self taught for the most part, Joe enjoys doing pencil pieces, watercolor, acrylics and chalk and charcoal abstracts. His style varies; most common is a realistic impressionism. Joe emulates artists or just makes it up as he goes depending on what catches his eye, or his attention. Just a line - maybe a shape can sometimes expresses what sees. Many of his works are landscapes or people - mostly faces or torsos. Joe Host is the June 2002 Digital Color Artist of the Month.
Duje Antonini Duje received training as an electronics engineer and has worked as a graphic designer in a variety of media includingscreen prints, posters and newspaper advertising. Duje works with digital and experimental art such as mechanical andmachine created patterns, commercial 3d clips and a big multicolor LED displays. He founded the award winning "barcodenebel" web page in 2000. Duje Antonini is the May 2002 Digital Color Artist of the Month.
Julie Rodriguez Jones Julie is a California artist whose style of work has been influenced by the Bay Area, its people and unique cultural settings. Her art is from the soul and is often spiritual in nature, reflecting the natural and human diversity she encounters from inspired sources to real life subjects. Julie projects that spirit into her art. She uses a variety of media. Several pieces of her recent work focus on pencil and colored pencil, image inversion and digital manipulation. The result is her unique style of multi-paneled and reflected images. Julie Rodriguez Jones is the April 2002 Digital Color Artist of the Month.
Keith Wigdor Keith is an abstract surrealist digital artist. His heart will always be with the Surrealists, yet he also has a passion for the new digital media. His works transcend space and time. He wants them to stand the test of time and be studied in the future. He asks other artists and the world to embrace a collective project which he calls Visual Transitionist Flux. It is a method to embrace technology that is meant to serve humanity and not control it. Keith Wigdor is the March 2002 Artist of the Month.
Kurt Van Wagner Kurt's most important brush is his eye. It captures a sense of a place, time and emotion. He then uses his camera, scanner and software to produce striking digital art. This months's issue of Digital Publishing Design Graphics features Kurt's work -- The Artist. Other works have been displayed at the Contemporary Art Forum in Santa Barbara California, elsewhere in Santa Barbara as well as in Solvang and San Louis Obispo. He shares the beauty of our world, cultures and people through new digital media. Kurt Van Wagner is the February 2002 Artist of the Month.
Graham Cheater Graham is a Digital-Fine-Artist producing corporate art for businesses. He is inspired by light on water. Graham's contemporary style reflects the way nature presents colors and shapes. He is also a Feng Shui Consultant concerned with the beauty and harmony of home decor and environments. Graham is currently involved with Jaguar Cars, combining his art and their automobiles. He supplies client options for paintings to go inside Sunseeker yachts. His works are on show at the gallery "931" in Dorset in the UK. He is Qualified at Southampton College of Art in Advertising and Design. Graham Cheater is the January 2002 Artist of the Month.
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