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Rufino Tamayo (1899-1991)
Tamayo, a Zapotecan Indian was born in Oaxaca. While his contemporaries Siqueiros, Rivera and Orozco advocated art with a political message, Tamayo remained fiercely committed to painting as a spiritual activity. Tamayo's work focused on plastic forms integrated with a masterful use of colors and textures. Tamayo developed "Mixografia®," a graphic technique to obtain colored and textured three-dimensional prints on handmade paper.
Purple Composition
Figura en Rojo
El almacen
Atacados por Perros
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Comments about Tamayo

Name:Herbert Mendoza
Date:Saturday March 24, 2007 3:57:45 pm MDT
Subject:Latin American Masters gallery Tamayo exhibit
March 24th – April 28th

264 North Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills CA 90210

Gallery hours:
Tuesday - Saturday from 11:OO am to 6:OO pm

Please contact Herbert Mendoza for additional information:

Ph: 310.271.4847 or 310.271.4913
Fx: 310.278.3932

Latin American Masters gallery is exhibiting paintings and works on paper by Mexican Modernist Rufino Tamayo. The exhibition runs concurrently with the artist’s retrospective at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art.

Synthesizing Pre-Hispanic forms and European Modernism, in addition to his formal innovations with color and texture, mark Tamayo as one of the centuries great artists. Disinterested in issues of nationalism, political criticism, and narrative painting, Tamayo’s art stands in direct contrast to that of the Mexican Muralists, who dominated the aesthetic and ideological conversation in post- revolutionary Mexico.

Tamayo’s refusal to make topical painting, but rather to focus on universal themes, has kept his art meaningful to our times.

Whether painting indigenous women, howling dogs, space travel, or the remote sculptural forms characteristic of his late period, Tamayo remains a solitary figure, working largely outside the dominant art movements of the 20th Century. Tamayo painted over seven decades, with sublime indifference to anything but the call of his own creative genius.

Latin American Masters will be exhibiting fifteen canvases and watercolors by Tamayo, as well as a selection of rare graphic works.

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