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LeRoy Neiman (1927-
The majority of Neiman's brilliantly colored, stunningly energetic images focus on sporting events and leisure activities. He was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, and taught at the Art Institute of Chicago for 10 years. He was a contributing artist for Playboy producing sketches and paintings for a feature called "Man at His Leisure." In 1995 he gave the School of the Arts at Columbia University $6 million to create the LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies.
Stud Poker
Stock Exchange
Bear Bryant
Regatta of The Gondoliers
Gorilla Family


American Stock Exchange
In 1986, Hammer Graphics wrote in their release of LeRoy Neiman's "The American Stock Exchange," "In the United States, the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) is second only in size to the New York Stock Exchange. Mr. Neiman portrays the Exchange floor as a hectic place where traders operate under a great deal of pressure. Numerous traders are engaging in all sorts of activities: consulting either with one another or their trading cards, scanning the computer-driven displays above the trading posts and making endless hand signals to the clerks on the deck. The traders wear brightly colored jackets - blue, yellow, green, orange and red - with each color corresponding to a specific trading house. There are women on the floor; the American Stock Exchange was the first exchange to elect women members in 1965.

"Mr. Neiman has beautifully rendered the architectural details of the Exchange building: the coffered ceiling; the high, arched windows; and the pilasters with their ornately carved capitals," the release continued. "The combination of high-powered, technological activity on the Exchange floor and the classical building which houses this activity, the old and the new gives a sense of history to 'The American Stock Exchange.' Originally known as 'The Curb' because its business was conducted on the street, the Exchange began in 1849. It first moved indoors in 1921 and adopted its present name in 1953." sites/?iy=338
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