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Louise Moillon (1610-1696)
Moillon is the greatest French still-life painter of the seventeenth century. She spent her career in Paris. Her paintings are exquisitely rendered with painstaking attention to detail. She worked for a number of distinguished patrons, including the highest nobility of France and King Charles I of England. Most of her work dates from the 1630's, prior to her marriage in 1640.


Still Life with Cherries, Strawberries and Gooseberries, 1630
12-5/8 x 19-1/8 in. The Norton Simon Foundation

Moillon was one of the pioneers of French still life painting. This exquisitely realized painting, one of the few examples by Moillon in American collections, was painted when the artist was a mere twenty years of age. Moillon rendered her "portraits" of fruit with a sharp eye aided by her meticulous hand. Whether or not the still life paintings by Moillon and her contemporaries lacked the sophistication and panache of their Dutch counterparts, it is apparent that they embraced an entirely different aesthetic -- quieter, more contemplative and satisfying in its own right.
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Name:Lex Rules!!!!
Date:Monday January 14, 2008 4:13:19 pm MST
Subject:Re: history project
Message:Cyraxis wrote:
> Hi! Sorry, but I know very little about her, and you've probably done
> your project by now anyways! I'm just browsing 'cause I want to
> include her in my art project on still life! Hope your history work
> went well, Cyraxis.

There is a lot to learn about her just go to a search engine and tye in her name and click images or go to wikapedia. You have tons of options. Answer if you need and more info. I am doing an english project on her. O and if any of you out there have any info PLEASE let me know i need to learn a little more!!!!!

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