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Chen Chi (1912-
Born in Wusih, Kiangsu, China, Chen Chi studied painting in the 1930's, seeking new aesthetic expression and ideals at a time when China was searching for her new life.
Central Park
High Noon, New York
Birds at Topock Marsh
Men on Horseback


1952 Watercolor on paper 15 x 11" Signed, lower right
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Name:Andrew Putney
Date:Monday January 17, 2011 2:09:40 pm MST
Subject:Re: Chen Chi prints
Message:Dan Ford wrote:
> Susan Harvey wrote:
> > I recently picked up 2 Chen Chi prints dated 1956 for my mom.One is
> > called "Winter" and the other "Summer". I can't seem to find any
> info
> > on the value of his prints.If anyone has any idea where I might
> find
> > the value of these or where I can find other prints by Chen Chi my
> > mom and I would be very grateful. These are approximately 30" x
> 81/2"
> > and absolutely beautiful in their original frames.
> >
> > Please help!
> > Susan
> I have around 10 or 12. I would need to know more about your prints to
> give you an estimate. Where did you get them? Condition? Price?
> Pictures? History? Thanks. Dan
Hello Susan and Dan,
I have saved from the give away pile at my mothers a 30"x81/2" Chen Chi print of a figure pulling a cart in front of a brick wall with one small window in it. I love it and would like to know more about it.
Thanks for any info.

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