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Caravaggio (1571-1610)
Caravaggio is also known as Michelangelo Merisi and as the second Michelangelo. Caravaggio painted mostly devotional art, he focused on figures and events from the New Testament and took seriously the mundane yet monumental quality of Christianity. He used Roman street people as the model for the Apostles and Mary. He used larger than life proportions, highly theatrical lighting and crowded his significant figures into shallow spaces.
Supper at Emmaus
David with the Head of Goliath
Madonna of the Rosary
Death of the Virgin
Sacrifice of Isaac


David with the Head of Goliath 1606/07
Wood H 90.5 cm, W 116 cm
Caravaggios Viennese "David has caused controversy in art literature. Possibly because the artist used wood for the picture (unusual for him), the surface seems smoother, more "polished than we are accustomed from his canvasses. Nevertheless, one senses the stylistic proximity to the "Madonna of the Rosary and other Neapolitan works by the master. Caravaggios concept of the unequal battle between the boy David and the gigantic Philistine Goliath (1 Samuel 17:41-51) is emblematic, and his interpretation is intensely personal. We see no radiant conqueror over evil, but rather a melancholy victor who seems to be contemplating himself and his victim.
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