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Jules Adolphe Aime Louis Breton (1827-1906)
Jules Breton was born in Courrières, a small Pas-de-Calais village. He painted peasant imagery such as poetic renderings of single peasant female figures in a landscape posed against the setting sun. He studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts with de Vigne in Ghent and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He won medals at the Salon for his paintings in the 1840's and 1850's. He continued to exhibit throughout the 1870s and into the 1880s and 1890s and his reputation grew such that he became one of the best known painters of his period in his native France as well as England and the United States. In 1886, he became a member of the Institut de France.
Brittany Girl
Peasant Girl Knitting
Song of the Lark
Vintage at the Chateau Lagrang


Oil on canvas; 22 5/8 x 18 1/2 in. (57.5 x 47 cm)

Breton often drew inspiration for his paintings from scenes of peasants and rural life observed in the area around his native village of Courrières. The setting and treatment of the subject are typical of his artistic approach, which lies between the idealized academicism of Bouguereau's "Breton Brother and Sister" (87.15.32) and the social realism of Ribot's "Breton Fisherman and Their Families" (48.187.736). This painting was included in the Salon of 1873.
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Name:J. Higgins
Date:Friday April 30, 2010 11:05:43 am MDT
Subject:Breton Print of mother & child reuntion
Message:I have a print by J. Breeton of parents returning from working in the fields in Courrieres. A small child is running to the mother whose is rushing to greet him with her arms open. Members of the extended family are seated on the left spinning wool. There is a thatched cottage in the background. Does anyone know the name of this print?

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