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Ansel Adams (1902-1984)
Ansel Adams was born in San Francisco. His first published photographs in the Sierra Club’s 1922 Bulletin, and he had his first one man exhibition in 1928 at the club’s headquarters. He was an unremitting activist for the cause of wilderness and the environment. His black-and-white images sought an intensification and purification of the psychological experience of natural beauty. He created a sense of the sublime magnificence of nature that infused the viewer with the emotional equivalent of wilderness, often more powerful than the actual thing.
Jeffery Pine
Hills Near Wildrose
East of Death Valley


Half Dome, Yosemite
Monolith, the Face of Half Dome in 1927 is Adam's first fully visualized photograph.
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Name:The Fiat Lux Project
Date:Tuesday June 26, 2007 10:22:26 pm MDT
Subject:The Fiat Lux Project
Message:The Ansel Adams Fiat Lux Online database includes 1,761 reproductions, including title (if known), location, one or more subject headings, and the date. Most of the reproductions are views scanned from a single image. These are digitized directly from six black and white film formats: 8"x10", 5"x7", 4"x5", 3"x4", 2 1/4" square, and 35mm. Some entries capture images from multiple negatives. This is provided so that researchers may examine sequentially exposed photographs. The sequential images will be seen as film strips and contact sheets.

The Fiat Lux Project

Ansel Adams (1902-1984) is best known for his images of the American West. His sharp focus produced grand interpretations of nature's spectacles that were defined by their clarity of focus, rich tonal range, and mythic sense of landscape. In March of 1963, Ansel Adams and Nancy Newhall accepted a commission from Clark Kerr, then President of the University of California, to produce a book to commemorate the centennial celebration of the University. Adams and Newhall agreed on the spot, and four years later, Fiat Lux: The University of California (McGraw Hill Book Company, 1967) was published. Fiat Lux is a vast pool of photographic imagination and expression. Framed by the 1960s, Fiat Lux captures university campuses, its people, and UC properties statewide.

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