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John Everett MillaisSir John Everett Millais, 1st Baronet, PRA (June 8, 1829 – August 13, 1896) was a British painter and illustrator and one of the founders of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.
Albert BierstadtAlbert Bierstadt (January 7, 1830 - February 19, 1902) was a United States painter who followed the westward expansion. He is best known for his large, detailed landscape paintings.
Frederic LeightonFrederic Leighton, 1st Baron Leighton (December 31, 1830 - January 25, 1896) was an English painter and sculptor. His works depicted historical, biblical and classical subject matter, painted for Victorian sensibilities.
Eadweard MuybridgeEadweard Muybridge (April 9, 1830 – May 8, 1904) was a British-born photographer, known primarily for his early use of multiple cameras to capture motion. Muybridge was born Edward James Muggeridge at Kingston-on-Thames, England.
Marianne NorthMarianne North (October 24, 1830 - August 30, 1890) was an English naturalist and flower-painter.
Camille PissarroCamille Pissarro (July 10, 1830 - November 1903) was a French impressionist painter.
Edouard ManetÉdouard Manet (January 23, 1832 - April 30, 1883) was a noted French painter. One of the first nineteenth-century artists to approach modern-life subjects, his works bridged the gap between realism and Impressionism.
Francisco OllerFrancisco Manuel Oller Cestero (June 17, 1833 – May 17, 1917) was a Puerto Rican artist. Oller is considered to be the only Latin American painter to play a role in the development of Impressionism.
Edgar DegasEdgar Degas (July 19, 1834 - September 27, 1917) was a French painter and sculptor.
James McNeill WhistlerJames Abbott McNeill Whistler (July 14, 1834 - July 17, 1903) was an American painter and etcher. He is perhaps best known for his nearly black-and-white full-length portrait of his mother, titled Arrangement in Gray and Black, No. 1, but usually referred to as Whistler's Mother.

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