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Artists born in the 18th century (1701 - 1800)
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Benjamin WestBenjamin West (October 10, 1738 - March 11, 1820) was an American painter of historical scenes around and after the time of the Revolution.
Angelica KauffmannMaria Anna Angelica Kauffmann (October 30, 1741–November 5, 1807) was a Swiss painter.
Charles Willson PealeCharles Willson Peale (April 15, 1741 – February 22, 1827) was an American painter, soldier and naturalist.
Francisco GoyaFrancisco José de Goya y Lucientes (March 30, 1746 - April 16, 1828) was a Spanish painter and engraver. He was born in Fuendetodos and later lived primarily in Madrid. Brought up in Zaragoza, at fourteen he was apprenticed to an artist friend of his father's (José Luzan). He married Josefa Bayeu (sister of Francisco Bayeu) in 1773.
Jacques-Louis DavidJacques-Louis David (August 30, 1748 - December 29, 1825), most usually known as David (pronounced "Dah-veed"), was a French painter.
Adelaide Labille-GuiardAdélaïde Labille-Guiard (April 11, 1749 – April 24, 1803) was a French history and portrait painter.
Kitagawa UtamaroKitagawa Utamaro (ca. 1753 - 1806) (the name has occasionally been rendered as Outamaro, but that usage is archaic) was a Japanese printmaker and painter, and is considered one of the greatest artists of woodblock prints (ukiyo-e).
Gilbert StuartGilbert Charles Stuart (né Stewart) (December 3, 1755 - July 9, 1828) was an American painter.
Elisabeth-Louise Vigee-Le BrunÉlisabeth-Louise Vigée-Le Brun (April 16, 1755 - March 30, 1842) was a French painter, and is recognized as the most famous female painter of the eighteenth century. Her style is neoclassical in exhibiting ideals of simplicity and purity. Her work can also be considered Rococo in its grace, delicacy, and naturalism.
John TrumbullJohn Trumbull (June 6, 1756 – November 10, 1843), was a famous American artist from the time of the American Revolutionary War. He was born in Lebanon, Connecticut. He entered the 1773 junior class at Harvard at age 15.

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